Sound Bath - relaxing power of the sound

with Sound Magic Ireland



What happens during the session?

During our group sessions, you'll be lying down usually for about an hour. We'll guide you through a short mindful body scan so you can settle in the present moment. Then we'll play the relaxing concert for you and your group with the use of the singing bowls, gongs, drums, chimes, tongue drum, sansula and many other instruments used to take you deep into the relaxed state of mind and body. We usually have a very short meditation of the heart at the end.

The participants are asked to bring their blanket and a pillow for their own comfort. For smaller groups, we can provide the yoga mats to lie on.


No previous experience needed.


What are the benefits of the sessions?

Sound Bath sessions have many benefits. They work on the mental, emotional and physical level.

  • Improving the immune system,

  • releasing endorphins, 

  • pain reduction,

  • helping with insomnia, 

  • lowering stress and anxiety, 

  • helping to deal with depression and addiction, 

  • slowing down and normalising breathing patterns, heart rate,

  • relaxing muscles

  • generating more self- acceptance, compassion, and love


Corporate Programme with Sound Bath


We also offer a corporate sound bath experience. The session also includes stress management talk and exercises. Your team will have a chance to experience deep relaxation and practice simple mindfulness techniques.   


Sound Bath at your community

Invite us to your community. We've played on festivals, conferences, schools and many other events, like yoga courses or retreats. We'll tailor the session to your needs.


Sound Bath - Regular sessions in Galway, Mayo and Athlone 

We hold regular sessions since 2011 and we have played for thousands of people. We've worked out our own unique style of playing and our sessions have had become part of many people's lives. For more information visit or see our calendar of events.


M: +353 85 1386537   

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