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Community Mandala

Using different natural materials like stones, crystals, cones, shells, sand etc we create a beautiful mosaic - a mandala (Sanskrit-circle). We draw a design and fill it up with colours and shapes. Lots of tactile sensations make it incredibly fun for kids. Everybody works as a team, being focused and involved in the task. Our mandalas create a natural sense of community.


Drumming And Rhythm Playshop

Drumming is fun. We've incorporated a lot of games into our drumming workshops to make people drum. We make sure everybody gets to share their rhythmical spirit, even if they think they can not do it. We use the selection of different drums and percussion instruments from around the world. Our workshops are interactive and fun, they connect people. Playing the drums create a happy community from the very beginning of the session. 

Philosophy with Children and Teens

Explore the Big Ideas in your classroom. Invite us to be the Philosopher in Residence at your Primary and Secondary Schools. We can arrange any series of sessions or provide weekly classes at your school. We will learn and practise reasoning, critical thinking and the art of fruitful communication.  We teach how to think and not what to think.


Educational, Interactive and Artistic Murals

Put a colourful mural on the walls of your school, community building or local resource centre to transform it into a friendlier and happier place. We'll work together with the children or the people from your local community to come up with some unique ideas and we invite them to take part in the process. We can help you and try to find a sponsor for the paints needed for the project. 


Relaxing Journey with Sound and Mindfulness

Experience amazing sounds of gongs, singing bowls and other relaxing instruments, while practising mindfulness. These sessions are helping to get in touch with body and emotions on a deeper level, reduce stress and bring joy. We provide sessions for children and adults 


Samoan Sasa Dance - Slap, clap and Wake Up

Learn and practice a traditional dance from Samoa Island. This dance is about awakening from the sleep, it tells a story through movement and voice. It's a slap dance and performed while sitting cross-legged. And it's one of the most fun things any group can do together. We'll learn signals, movements and the traditional rhythm to create a stunning show.

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