Murals - artistic, educational & interactive


Why Murals? 

Murals are fun. Good murals have an artistic and esthetic value. They are a way to show what your community is about and can become a special mark of your place. When you pass through Irish towns and villages, you can see a lot of murals, adding the character to the places, like pubs, schools, play-schools, after-schools, community or youth centres.

Ireland has a lot of spaces for a creative expression. 

Mural for your community.

We always try to fit the mural with your community's life. We will work with you to see what kind of space do you want to create for your community and we will make it happen. We will make sure the members of your community can participate in the process. We can paint the mural for you, but it's much more fun to get everyone involved if only a little. Our designs are artistic, but we like the idea of the mural to be educational or interactive or both.  


Watch our video about the interactive mural Enchanted Garden. This projet was designed to work on fives senses, encouraging imagination and free play outdoors. Tourmakeady, Co. Mayo


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