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Why drum together?

The tradition of drumming and singing together goes back to the mists of the past and our homo ancestors. In the times of screens, social media, migration, scattered communities, the need for belonging to a group or a tribe calls us again.  Drum Circle fulfills that need instantly, whether it's your Friday's club or a bunch of newly met people, you will feel the power of community in action from the very first drum call. Drumming is fun, reduces stress levels, brings people together, creates good memories, basically is a perfect tool to boost your positive mental health. It's a perfect team building activity that will never be forgotten. 


Drumming and Rhythm Playshop

This workshop is designed for schools, youth groups, and family events. Lots of games and rhythm starters. Participants learn about the instruments and the rhythm. They have a chance to express themselves freely and conduct a drum orchestra. No previous experience is needed. We provide all the drums and percussion instruments. Sometimes we use our bodies and voices to create music together. We can take any standard size classroom, but the sessions for a bigger group can be arranged. We've worked with thousands of children and young people who had lots of fun. 


We belong to the family of Village Music Circle and we were training with one of the best facilitators of the drum circles in the world. Our mentor is Arthur Hull, who is the acclaimed grandfather of the community drum circle.


Community Drum Circle

Now and then we organise Community Drum Circle, where anyone can join us to drum. We provide all drums and create a platform for the alchemy of rhythm to happen. We believe in 'absent' facilitation, so it's the group who create the groove and enjoys all its transitions. We are there to help this happen. ​​


Pow Wow Jamming - Community Drum

Inspired by the Native American culture, we were inspired to get a big community drum. Our Drum takes 12 players at the same time and many more singers. With the respect for the indigenous culture, we'll learn modern Pow Wow songs and chants, while looking to express our own voices and our unique spirit. It's a lot of fun to play one heart beat and connect to create a tribe for duration of the session and beyond. 

Listen to the podcast with Little Rainbow Academy recorded by Athlone Community Radio on the sound and drum circle.  


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