What is Mandala

The word mandala comes from Sanskrit and means - a circle. It is a form of art and a tool for spiritual practice. Traditionally used in Tibetan Buddhism as a meditation practice, it teaches a lesson about the impermanent nature of reality. The monks would spend months on drawing intricate designs with colourful sand just to destroy it with one gesture of a hand later. Mandala, an art in form of a circle can be found in any culture from native cultures of Americas, through Hinduistic India to the stunning window glasswork of cathedrals of Christian Europe. In recent days mandala became very popular as a relaxation activity through drawing and colouring detailed designs. We have been inspired by the work of Solas Art and Dean Mulroy in Ireland. We use natural materials and invite just any community to create their own unique design. Our designs would are about 6ft - 10ft in diameter and will be a stunning visual centrepiece of any event.


Mandala for your community 

We provide all the materials. All materials are natural - wood, stones, shells, sand. The whole process from design to destruction of the piece takes about 2-4 hours, depending on the size of the mandala and the size of the group we're working with. We can work indoor or outdoor, depending on the weather.


Mindfulness practice with Mandala

We also use the mandala as a tool for mindfulness practice. You can join our workshops and retreats to experience a deeper work with the breath and creative process in a more meditative way. Check our calendar for upcoming events.


Mandala - Creative Spirit of Community 



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