Children are the people of tomorrow. We, at Little Rainbow Academy, believe children have a right to express themselves, to discover without judgement and to play. Most of all, they deserve to have fun. Our workshops are bringing just that into the community of the little people. Whether it's drumming, storytelling or mandala making, it's all about fun and discovery. Everybody gets their turn to try out new things and be seen for who they are. We encourage self-expression, but we respect when children are saying  "no" if they want to pass. No judgments are one of the rules. We travel mostly to do deliver our playshops in Co. Mayo and Galway, but we've been to many corners of Ireland with our programme. We offer different programmes for children, drumming (drum circle and rhythm playshop), mandala mosaic making, educational murals, learning and creating a show with Samoan Sasa dance, sound magic - journey with a story and sound. Also recently we are offering philosophy classes for the children of Ireland to encourage critical and independent thinking as well as good communication skills. President Michael D. Higgins and Philosophy Ireland are actively promoting philosophy in schools as a very needed addition to the primary and secondary schools' curriculum. We have been working with children in many settings and with different organisations like Community Resource Centres, Pre-schools, After-schools, National Schools Primary and Secondary, Arts Centres, Scouts, Special Needs groups. One of our sessions lately was at the family festival at National Museum of Ireland in Castlebar, Co. Mayo, where we were very well received after 2 days of drumming sessions for children and mandala making workshops. We had a couple of workshops at the Linnen Hall Arts Centre in Castlebar, Co. Mayo. We have been invited to a HEN Conference in 2014 to work with home-schooled children and their families. It's also part of our mission to bring quality time and good memories to whole families.

The interactive mural "Mission Apollo Glencorrib" we did last autumn has helped Glencorrib National School win the Best Kept School in Mayo Award 2016.  


We provide programmes suitable for different age groups. Our sessions for children usually take about 45-60 minutes, depending on the age of the children involved. Sometimes we create a programme with the main theme and different activities around that theme. You can invite us for a one-off session or for few sessions to give children a chance to learn a bit more about drumming, rhythm, art or philosophy. Tell us what your group needs and we see how we can serve little people of your community.


We have Garda Vetting for our business, but we can fill out a form for your organisation.

Tax Clearance access number on request.

Contact us to get more details and prices.


M: +353 85 1386537   

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